Wonder Woman – Saving The World With Kink!

Following the departure of the comics current artist, Frank Cho (who left on the grounds of not being allowed to draw “sexy” covers), we decided to take a look at D.C's kinkiest character – Wonder Woman. Created as a vision of a fetishistic matriarchy, creators William Marston and Harry Peter weren't shy about making Wonder Woman sexy. From her bondage toy weapons, to being spanked by giant toddlers – there isn’t many kinks that the comic shied away from.

Marston himself had strong views on sexuality – believing than women were far superior to men, as they used erotic persuasion whereas men were simple, violent creatures. The use of Wonder Woman’s lasso symbolises the pacifism and sexuality of the female – the overlying theme of the comic. Marston was also part of a polyamorous triad, with his wife and their female lover – and the lesbian connotations of the comic were certainly intentional – he wanted the feminine power of Wonder Woman and her Amazonian sisters to appeal to females.

Part of Wonder Woman’s power was that she owned her sexuality, and knew that readers saw her in a sexual manner – hence her cheeky wink as she tops from the bottom with the giant toddler. She allows her sisters to tie her up, and even partakes in kinky bondage rituals. You could be forgiven for thinking she was a character created by Third Wave feminists, not two guys in 1941.

wonder woman comic cover
wonder woman kinky mistress
wonder woman tentacle
wonder woman feminist

However, it seems the purpose of Wonder Woman has changed in recent years, with her visual sexuality still being exaggerated, yet her behaviour has been toned down considerably – perhaps for the now younger comic market. With the caped Queens first big screen adaptation coming to cinemas this time next year, we hope her depiction stays true to her kinky feminist roots!

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