Wasteland Review and Model Interview

Video by Peter Diablow

Looking back on Wasteland it all seems a blur: jetting into a hectic schedule to complete a catwalk to remember while upholding Wasteland’s reputation as Europe’s biggest fetish party.

We walked in past the six door bitches, complete in their Please Me Pin Up Honour finery, and marvelled at the show sister sinister latex wasteland reviewunfolding before our eyes, after months of planning, excitement and anticipation it was a joy to see and a relief, too!

Once the catwalk was done we had a chance to enjoy Wasteland for the festival of fetish fun that it is! Attended by over 5000 people, the circus themed venue rippled with positivity, happiness and true liberation – and there was even an ice rink in there, every little element enriched the atmosphere.

Our catwalk went wonderfully, with our beautiful models making every step so simple for us, they were humble and down-to-earth making them a joy to work with.

So we spoke to Sister Sinister about her time there and what she made of it.

Sister Sinister Fetish Model wasteland reviewSister Sinister Interview

We heard that your first ever latex was from Honour? Is that right? Do you still have it?

That’s absolutely right. I used to browse the Honour site regularly, and after a while I finally decided on a long sleeved dress with a zip in the front. I still have it and I actually wore it for a fetish party in Stockholm a few months ago.

How did you feel to be asked to walk at such a prestigious event?

Extremely happy. I was excited to finally be working with Honour and meeting you guys, and also it would be my first visit to Wasteland, which I have heard a lot about.
These two things have been on my wish/to-do list 😉

Of course you looked fabulous in our latex at Wasteland but what’s your personal favourite material to wear?

Oh thank you! It was such a great outfit and I’m glad I got to wear it. I loved all the pieces that were in the show. I must say latex of course. It’s just the best material.

What was your highlight of the evening?

Other than meeting you and all the lovely models in the show, it was definitely the show itself. Going on stage in front of such a massive crowd was pretty epic.

What’s next for Sister Sinister?

Right now it’s time for a little Christmas break! But after that I have a couple of shoots lined up for some designers and also a cover shoot to do. I’m open for new collaborations and ideas as well 🙂

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