Violet, You’re Turning Violet!

So, the thought of blowing bubble gum and becoming a blueberry might be the last thing you would think was a fetish, but to some, a little Charlie and The Chocolate Factory roleplay is the fuel for many a fantasy.

When I was in my young teens I found myself almost burning out my VHS of the film, watching and rewatching the scene in which Violet Beauregard becomes a blueberry. I was fascinated by the idea of chewing the three course gum, and as a consequence for disobeying the rules, turning into a big juicy berry.

violet charlie and the chocolate factory
quentin blake violet

I later found I was not alone in the world, and as with many people with kinks, I found this a huge relief! Latex is also changing the experience for me, and I'm on the hunt for the perfect Violet dress! I love the feeling of wearing a cute little jumpsuit, and feeling the belt popping off my rapidly growing body – starting to crossdress also enhanced my love of becoming Violet. Chewing the magic gum and disobeying the rules makes me, a guy, become a girl, become a blueberry – its a forbidden transformation.

I love every moment of inflating bit by bit, waddling and flapping, filling up with sweet blueberry juice. So, if anyone has a golden ticket – send it my way!


Sent in by Jackie Beauregard - @JackieBerry131

(Edited for clarity)


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