Swinging in the Sun

Swinging in the Sun – Jasmine la Perra

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 We’re reposting Jasmine la Perra’s Classic Feature.

One of our most popular ever!

Well it’s a great privilege to be asked by the wonderful people at Honour to write another blog for their wonderful website. If you recall from the last post – which you can find here – I left you by telling you I had just had a great weekend with a couple of swingers visiting the Island.

Gran Canaria has it all, from year-round sunshine and warmth, to pansexual exploration for every persuasion, there are clubs and bars for meeting like-minded people, to make new friends, re-acquaint with old friends and enjoy yourself.

Anyway, I arranged to meet up with them and we went on a hot sunny Sunday down to the beach at Maspalomas as they said they were into a bit of exhibitionism and voyeurism and wanted to see if it was as good as they had heard it was.

Well I have always been a bit of an exhibitionist and have been involved in a few risque public sex acts over the years so I agreed to meet them and take them to the beach. Living here has opened up a whole new world of opportunities, with the dunes of Maspalomas beach being a well known haunt for voyeurs and exhibitionists.

You can have a wonderful day strolling along the beach past the mixed nudist beach at kiosk 4, along to the gay nudist beach at kiosk 7 while taking in the sites of the many naked bodies and the often strange (sometimes bizarre) adornments of body piercings and modifications, if this is your thing you’ll be in heaven.

By the time you’ve strolled along the beach your juices will be up and flowing, no doubt, so if you’re in the mood for some naughty fun well then it’s time to wander into the dunes to see what action is going on. Or to have some fun of your own, once you stroll into the dunes you will probably be greeted by the sight of naked men wandering round stroking themselves.

As you move inland amongst the rolling sands and grassy outcrops you’ll often see couples enjoying some fun together, be it foreplay or full on sex. In most cases they’ll be in an area marked out on the ground by a circle of stones, this is the boundary for the voyeurs.

I was there with a fabulous kinky couple on that Sunday in our little marked off area enjoying lots of touching caressing and just putting on a good show, and when I looked up I counted a dozen strangers stood round the boundary stroking their manhood which was a real buzz.

However, as we did, you might get one who spoils it and tries to get closer. The male partner of the couple had to disengage from the action and forcefully but verbally tell this guy to back off.  Other than that one incident they had a great day and have booked to visit the island again in the new year, and we’ve kept in touch because they want to meet up again as well!

On other occasions I have been down the beach on my own and without doing anything other than taking my bikini top off and lying on the sun lounger, which attracted male attention, including once when I was lying there with my eyes closed I heard some noise and was greeted by the sight of a guy stood over me tossing himself off. Well, I was flattered of course but there were many people around just going about their business and a few sat watching so I just said “Thanks for the attention but not here”, At which point he said something in German and sulked off.

So the beach and dunes of Maspalomas are a great place for swingers, exhibitionists and voyeurs and there are a few contact sites were you can arrange to meet like-minded people for a day in the sun having some fun. Remember though, it is a public area and the police have been known to patrol and arrest people, but now they largely ignore the area because it’s too large for them except for the police helicopter – if it does fly past just lie back and act like sunbathers till it passes!

Also make sure you have plenty of bottled water with you, it gets very hot down there at any time of year, and watch where you put your food because you could attract lizards and meerkats. Condoms and lube are quite expensive too, so stock up before you travel (you can always donate your unused ones to me). If all that hasn’t put you off then have a great day down in the dunes you never know you may spot me strolling through looking for you 😉

If on the other hand you don’t fancy getting sand in all your nooks and crannies, the Cita shopping complex is probably the most famous for swingers bars and clubs, there are more clubs popping up around the Playa del Ingles area but the majority are still in the Cita. Some have theme nights like “Greedy Girls’ Night” among other kinky events, all listed comprehensively online.

On a personal level, my first book will soon be available in Spanish and English for Kindle and my second book is hoped to be out in 2015 if I can find the time and leave all these gorgeous people alone for long enough. I now have a regular Canarian transvestite (albeit very firmly in the closet) who’s become – for want of a better words – a fuck buddy. I’m concentrating more and more on writing and less on escorting.

One day I may settle down with someone special if that person ever materialises – until then, life continues to be lived at the full speed of enjoyment.


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