Six Sexy Essentials You Never Knew Existed

So you think you know it all? You think the world of sexual play has nothing new to offer you? Well think again as these six sexy essentials open your mind to the fun and quirky toys you never knew existed.

ONEThe Steel Dragon Claw

Dragon Claw sexy essentials

A carefully crafted design for those of you who wish to bring things that are basically weapons into the bedroom, this is used for hyper sense play, from the lightest tickles to pain endurance scraping.

This toy is all about the look though, it’s the S&M equivalent of playing on a grand piano – just the same as a keyboard, just way more awesome – a real sexy essential.


 TWOThe Hollow Strap On

Hollow Strap On sexy essentials

All sexes and sexualities can make use of this versatile sex toy. It’s a thick black rod which promises that performance, much like Rick Astley, is never going to let you down.

Straight men may need it to stay in the game longer, gay women can use use it as a traditional strap on; gay men can maintain their vitality with it while straight women can benefit from its wider, longer structure.


 THREEThe Sex-in-Shower Handle

Shower Handle sexy essentialsWe’ve all been there: “Ohh let’s have sex in the shower, that’ll be kinky.” Then three hours later you’re in A&E with a smashed coccyx and a deflated sense of adventure.

Well this handle makes such scenarios a thing of the past, it gives you carefree showertime canoodling like no other thing can. This sexy essential will also double up for when you become elderly and genuinely have trouble getting in and out of the shower.


 FOURThe Nipple Boosters

Nipple Boosters sexy essentials

Never ignore the nipples, they’re one of our bodies’ most forgotten erogenous zones, and these little suckers take their stimulation to new heights using the magic of a vacuum.

That’s right, vacuums are now not only exclusive to intergalactic space and Hoovers, but now they’re on your nipples too, after being sucked into engorgement they’re hyper sensitive and receptive to a touch of kinky fun.


 FIVEMen’s Lace Boxers

Lace Boxers sexy essentials

We’re all familiar with slipping into some lacy undies to hot up your evenings but it’s not usually the boys who make this saucy impression – but in these intricately detailed boxers they certainly will.

Gents: buying these could be good leverage to get the missus into something a little more comfortable; and ladies: wouldn’t it be nice to get your man into something really kinky for once? These come in a range of colours either full or crotchless.


 SIXFanny Panty

Fanny Panties sexy essentials

For the British among you, this isn’t as crudely named as one might imagine, this “fanny” refers to the derrière, which is flatteringly exposed in these cheeky unmentionables.

With a little bow at the base of the spine it resembles a little parcel to open – give the gift of buttocks to your sex life with these steamy delicates – a true sexy essential for your naughty toybox.

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