Sexual Health Week 2016 – Do it with Honour

sex health week

Its Sexual Health Week 2016! Of course, sex and kink are hugely fun things - but theres no harm in a little re-education every now and again!

This years campaign goes back to basics - with condoms and STI testing being the main focus. The FPA conducted a survey of 2,000 participants to find out their views on getting tested, using condoms, and talking about sexual health with your partner.

They found that only 27% of participants had used a male condom the last time they had sex, and more that half didn't know that STI's can be transmitted through oral sex. Also, more than two thirds of the survey group revealed that they have never been tested for a sexually transmitted infection. Take a look at the rest of the results HERE.

Firstly, condoms are the best form of barrier protection, plain and simple. They not only protect from pregnancy, but protect everyone (whatever your orientation) from STIs. If you share sex toys with your partner (for example strap ons, dildos, etc) use a condom on these to prevent any possible germs from spreading. 

Dams are like a condom, but designed for oral sex performed on a vagina. Now, it might not seem too appealing at first, but dams come in many flavours (much like flavoured condoms - which are great for oral sex on a penis), and lets be real, anything is worth it if it means not contracting an STI.

Getting tested is also key to a happy sex life. It's recommended that you get tested before every new partner, to ensure that anything you could have gets checked out and cured before you end up passing it on!

Remember everyone, most people have sex, and its okay to talk about it!

To celebrate you all getting your sexual health learning caps on - we're offering 20% off all sexual health items until the 18th! Along with a buy one get one free on certain toys! 


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