Sex Toy Of The Week: Bullet Buddies

bullet buddy cartoon banner

I’ve found the perfect travel companion…

I was fortunate enough to choose my own toy from Honour’s collection to play with this week and as I’ve been off work on holiday I had to order it online! So last week I set about finding something small, discrete and yet powerful enough to get me pillow reaching in the hotel!

After a pleasurable and teasing session browsing through the sex toy category my eyes were drawn to a collection of fun and playful looking characters – the Bullet Buddies. There are five on display – all different shapes, colours and characters, and appeared to have an innocent cheekiness about them… jackpot!

After reading more I discovered the Bullet Buddy family consisted of a Pink Bunny, Blue Dolphin, Purple Bear, Green Worm and a Red Monkey. Now the interesting thing about this little bundle is you don’t know which one of the buddies you are going to get – Honour pick one at random to send you as a surprise. So I made my order and waited in anticipation to see which of the Bullet family would be coming away with me 🙂

bullet buddy green wormMonday came and with it my new found little friend – I tore open my package to see which of the Bullets I had been given to play with… and it was the Green Worm haha! So having giggled myself silly I composed myself and decided it was only fair I gave it a test drive before whisking it away with me.

The silicone sleeve was nice and soft so after I’d given it a good squeeze I slipped the button off the end and popped one AA battery in – screwed the cap back on and brought my new friend to life with a buzzzzzz! As always I applied an ample helping of lube before I started to become better acquainted with my Buddy. Now if I’m honest I wasn’t expecting much from my Green Worm as it was only little and often bullets aren’t strong enough for me – but to say I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement!

bullet buddy full collectionThe little feelers on the end of my toy gave me the same fluttering rhythmic stimulation I was used to receiving from a Rabbit, plus it was a lot more powerful than I anticipated! The Worm has a ridged shaft so I mixed things up a bit – using it for a cheeky little insertion as well as working my clit… a technique I was to master whilst on holiday. Discovering that the Bullet is waterproof also conjured up various ‘by the pool’/’jacuzzi’/’shower’ scenarios in my mind… I couldn’t wait to get away!!

I surprised even myself with my new found friend climaxing a lot earlier than usual! I was going to have to learn the art of restraint… especially on an aircraft full of people – behave yourself Danielle! So having been blown away by the power and sensation my Buddy was able to provide I laid him on my bed with my holiday clothes and wash bag all ready to go. Passport – check, Euros – check, Bullet Buddy – check! I was good to go…

I was so turned on by the thought of using my little toy I decided to keep it close by my side when I turned up at the airport. The face on the security guard as he fingered around my little Green Worm trying to work out what it could be was priceless! I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t hoped I got caught… oops a daisy!

Stay Naughty my lovelies x

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