Rubber Cult – Colours of Cult May 2017

As we approached The Alice on the eve of Rubber Cult, glints of shiny rubber could be spotted underneath fellow attendees’ vanilla clothes – ready to be paraded around the venue. The Alice has become established as Rubber Cult’s go-to location, and after spending the evening there for the last instalment of Club Rub, we’re happy to see it used for rubbery hijinks again.

As the theme for May was “Colours of Cult”, we were pleased to see so many guests move away from classic black latex, and branch out into a colourful array of ensembles. We even spotted a few brightly shined pieces from the Honour Cherry Belle collection in the midst.

The Cherry Whip Halter Dress with the Rubber Cult windmill!

Guests were greeted on entry by the ever-friendly door staff of Rubber Cult, where outfits were inspected and scrutinised to ensure adherence to the rubber-only dress code. Once inside, we were offered free prosecco to enjoy as we settled in for the night’s various performances.

A consistent scene favourite, Marnie Scarlet, performed her new act – Divine Intervention. Showing the extremes to which fetish fashion can be stretched with a flair for the blasphemous, Marnie always creates a tongue-in-cheek raunchy show for her audience which is impossible not to enjoy.

As if this wasn’t enough entertainment for one night, Marie Devilreux’s balloon-popping burlesque act had everyone spellbound with the combination of classic 1950s tease and inflatable latex glittery fun. This kind of raunchy and good-humoured entertainment is one of the biggest aspects of Rubber Cult’s appeal, keeping the night light hearted even amongst all that heavy rubber!

Speaking of heavy rubber, the equipment provided at Rubber Cult is second-to-none when it comes to latex fetishism! With an inflatable sleep sack, a bed covered in latex bedsheets, and a deflatable vacuum cube, guests were spoiled for choice when it came to complete latex enclosure. (For newbies, believe us when we tell you there’s no nicer feeling than being vacuum-packed into latex while people rub silicone shine on you!)

Rubber Cult is a great idea for your first step onto the London fetish scene, especially for those who enjoy latex (and a room full of shiny people sharing your fetish!), but who don’t necessarily want to experience extreme fetish play. For more information on the events, including ticket sales, visit

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