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In 1997, there was a Brit film that shook up the fetish scene - Preaching To The Perverted. Popular for its honest, funny, and (semi) realistic portrayal of kink, PTTP features icons of British comedy, including Julie Graham and Ricky Tomlinson.

The narrative centers around Peter, a young government worker who is sent to gather evidence for the prosecution of those in the BDSM scene. He falls victim to the charms of Dominatrix Tanya Cheex, and is catapulted into a world of lust, law, and latex.

After being remastered a few years ago, and with mainstream filmic depictions of BDSM becoming less taboo, demand for a sequel to this story has soared. Stuart Urban, writer and director of Preaching To The Perverted, has come up with a sequel ‘Tortured In The Orchard’.This follows Peter and Tanya’s daughter, Artemis, and how she navigates the world of being 18, raised part Christian part Pagan,  and going into politics just like her Father.

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The kickstarter is to back a graphic novel sequel, which depending on the success, could then be turned into a film. You can pledge whatever amount you wish, but generosity does come with rewards… pledge HERE.

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