Kink of the Week: Metal Penis Head Chastity Cage

Chastity Cage metal padlock

Upright: A fine piece of design

A showcase in luxury design and a creative way to explore your deeper fantasies, this stylish spin on a bondage classic is an instrument to be reckoned with.

The Metal Penis Head Chastity Cage‘s steely finish is smooth, sleek and cold-to-the-touch which really gives you a sense that this is a mechanical product designed to be unforgiving.

Emerging ceremonially from its red pull-string velvet bag, the cage’s heavy, tough and durable casing implies immense strength and resilience giving your man no hope of escape.

Best used to utterly restrict your man’s desires, this little penis head cage is not big enough to “contain your excitement” so he’d better obey his master’s orders!

Chastity Cage set

Apart: Everything you get for £69.99

Since there are three provided padlock keys, use them adventurously, pretend to throw one away or try hiding some to delve deeper into the aching desires of BDSM.

Squeezing all his manhood into the ball clamp and further sheathing his penis in metal, the man experiences full sexual restriction, while all the power lies with his power-crazed key-holder!

Chastity Cage metal

Profile: Not much room to manoeuvre

If he does succumb to forbidden thoughts, this small cage is going to win in the battle for liberation, the man will stay firmly contained but crammed into the meagre two inches of shaft length – which is curved at that!

If you’re the sort who loves a sense of forbidding make sure you use a lube like Liquid Silk on the inside to protect against chaffing should you get a little excited. If you revel in the reprimanding delivery of pain to punish your disobedience this narrow case is sure to inflict the bite you desire.

As an object, this is a stunning piece of design and craftsmanship, the long slender curves and beautiful weighting combine to create a congenial concoction of organic and mechanical aesthetics.

Customer reviews:



Well I can say that wearing it as an average sized man that this is really easy to fill up! It’s brilliant though, feels quality to touch and feel and there is a lot of incentive to stay calm while wearing it but yer I loved it.

Howard Smith

A Great Design Choice

I always see the design and beauty behind sex toys and other stuff like that but with this it looks so sleek and stuff that I think it could be put on a little plinth and paraded around. I collect toys like this they’re fantastic.

Ms Max

No chance of escape!!

My husband bought this for us to play with and I love it, it’s good to see his reaction particularly if I tease him while he’s in it, he enjoys the discomfort you get from this because it’s not too painful and there are still access areas on the tip if he deserves it.

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