Why Men Are Better Than Women at Oral Sex

Honour’s lifestyle and sexuality guru Rosie Molling asks whether it’s true that men really are better at oral sex than women.

Traditionally, men are damned for their bedroom performance, and painted as occasionally being just a little bit clueless.

So, using good old fashioned research, expert opinions and scientific studies, we’ll show you three arguments to support that men are better at oral sex.

1 . Evolutionary Explanation – to “detect infidelity”

Men better oral sex coupleOral Sex as Infidelity-Detection, a study from Oakland University, shows that men are particularly interested in oral sex in order to try to detect other male “intruders” who may have “visited” before.

A disturbing thought for everybody, as a woman, you don’t like to imagine he’s sniffing around for clues like a crazed narcotics spaniel, and as a man, to think you’re subconsciously trying to find traces of other men down there must be pretty hard to swallow. (Sorry guys, pun unfortunately intended!)

The study suggests that men perform oral sex to gather information about their partner’s sexual history and shows that men at greater risk of competition expressed greater interest in, and spent more time performing, oral sex on their partner where women have no such equivalent.

Crucially however, the information gleaned from this study was based on the fact that the more attractive a man considered his partner to be, the more likely he was to perform “head first”.

But you don’t have to be Dickie Dawkins to suppose there are more obvious reasons why that could be, we’ve all been there haven’t we? So overcome with desire that you just can’t keep your hands off!

2. Women’s Complex Sexuality – they may be harder to turn on to traditional sex roles

stock couple Men better oral sex“Sexual desire in women is extremely sensitive to environment and context” Says Professor Edward Laumann, PhD. professor of sociology at the University of Chicago.

Researchers from Northwestern University USA showed gay and straight erotic films to men and women and measured their physical excitement.

After which, men said they were more turned on by depictions of male-female sex and female-female sex, as you’d expect.

However, straight women claimed they were more turned on by male-female sex but genitally showed roughly the same reaction to all the films.

So whereas a man is more likely to stick to exactly what he likes in a woman, a girl may just be less inclined that day to want to handle a male appendage.

However this doesn’t preclude the actual chance of a woman sinking her teeth into a bit of oral sex anyway (pun absolutely not intended – ouch!) and pleasing her man just as much as anybody else.

3. Likelihood of performance – men score higher

“Men involved in long-term relationships report that they are more likely (by about five per cent) to give than receive oral sex.”

The liars! The ladies scream. Damn Right! Roar the boys. But the studies within The Social Organization of Sexuality give the advantage to the men.

Maybe it’s for reasons of convenience at that point though, well into marriage as the couples age; cunnilingus does involve the least overall movement for both parties after all!

However. Clearly, nothing out there can qualitatively and definitively say that men are actually better composers of the oral symphony, and nor can it for the other way round.

Personally I think our individual differences will far outweigh any gender generalisations you can make, and remember boys and girls, practice makes perfect.

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Dick of Dick-n-Jane.com

Interesting argument as to why men might be more inclined to perform oral sex than women. But where is the argument to support the article’s title, that men are actually better at it?


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