Kink of the Week: Zeus Electrosex Twilight Wand Deluxe

The Deluxe Zeus Electrosex Twilight Wand is a sensuous sensation, from its pleasant aesthetic to the thrills it provides in bed, this is a comprehensive toy for the curious kinkster.

Delivering little, low ampage stimulating sensations to your skin, along with an entrancing light show this unique product stimulates all your senses for a luxuriant, electrifying experience.

Each of its five superbly crafted wands has its own unique advantages so there’s always a perfect attachment to suit your mood and experience.

As you bring the beautifully engineered electrodes closer to your partner’s skin, it creates visible currents which create a spectacular colour show which really adds to the atmosphere.

You can easily adjust the power settings from an almost undetectable tickle to a more intense and exhilarating kick as you progressively build your confidence.

Zeus Electrosex Twilight Wand

The Radiator and Flux attachments are multi-pronged, these give you an inimitable feeling of luxurious indulgence, the widespread sensations they deliver are beyond comprehension.

The Ambient, Halo and Illume wands are all more rounded and give a gentler sensation, the beautifully curved lines add to their sexy appeal as they glide gratifyingly over your body.

The box it arrives in contains everything lovingly snuggled inside with plenty of padding, to protect the precious pleasure cargo. As you draw each instrument out and attach them, you’re given a real thrill and sense of power, leaving you buzzing with excitement for some Electrosex fun!

The Twighlight Violet Wand retails at £105 which is well worth it for this elite instrument of pleasure.

Customer reviews:


Absolute must-have!

Me and my boyfriend love electric play since we used this, he was a beginner before but now he’s so keen for more. This is one intense wand though, he used it all over my body and it was really high intensity but I loved it. It was dead easy to assemble and stuff and it’s got a really intuitive set-up. It was so amazing on my clitoris I cannot stress that enough – amazing.


Great product

Very nice design and it was really fun to use with the various attachments. They all provide a slightly different sensation, it’s great for variety I like it a lot.


My “glowing” review

The glow really made this product for me, it adds to the ambience and adds to the idea of electricity in the dark when you see the little jolts of electricity. It was fun playing with the head attachments to feel all the feelings on my skin, definitely recommend for electric-lovers.



Can anybody help me, I am trying to find a new toy “satisfy” me, I am not sure if i should buy a PVC Dildo or a Stainless Steel Dildo, I am not sure what i should go for. Any help would be much appreciated.


Hi Debbie,

It’s all down to what you want, and there is far more variety than just steel or plastic, have a look at our whole range here to flick through.

As a quick answer to the question, PVC dildos and steel ones are very similar in their advantages, both are hard, rigid, easy to clean and waterproof, but the key difference is the feel on your skin.

Metal is far more conductive and will heat up easily beforehand or if you think you’d like the sensations off coolness you can refrigerate it too. With plastic dildos you have a more uniform temperature so you always know what sensation you’ll be getting.

After that, you just have to decide what feels better on your skin! If you have any more questions you can live chat with us on the bottom of our homepage for immediate confidential interaction with our cusomer service experts!

Hope this helps,
Honour HQ


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