Kink of the Week: Tenga Egg Spider – Ultimate Posh W*nk

This week’s kink is the Tenga Egg Spider, the ultimate posh w*nk, everything a man could want in one little package – and an answer to the old chicken and egg question, the chicken came first and it was the egg that did it!

The Tenga Egg Spider is a unique sex toy designed and crafted in Japan, true to Japanese form this toy is sleek, minimalist and just a little bit out of the ordinary.

The packaging is the same size and shape of an egg, but within lies the chance to get even more hard boiled!

So, once you’ve cracked open the egg, you’re presented with the sleeve: a jiggly white mass resembling a small blancmange, which looks very non-threatening and clean.

Within the sleeve lies a portion of lube to apply as you see fit, there’s a fairly generous helping inside so build up gradually if you feel too much resistance – if you add it all instantly then you may experience far less friction than you’d like!

The Tenga Egg Spider is one in a range of Tenga Eggs, all the designs vary in terms of the inner-sleeve pleasure grooves and lines so there’s a variety of sensations available.

The Spider features a “webbed” internal structure, providing a wide coverage of stimulation points to reach that all-important orgasm.

Up to 12 inches can be accommodated by this sleeve providing 360 contact on the penis, and the elastic nature of the masturbator makes the strokes feel very natural and easy.

Once you’re finished all subsequent mess will bein use Tenga Egg Spider nicely gathered up within the sleeve, which you can then fold back into the egg, and dispose of cleanly at home.

The toy is designed for single use, but if used with a condom the toy can be rinsed and reused if you’re careful not to overstretch the material.

Overall the toy is a discreet, stylish and effective masturbator, perfect for beginners and people who want the pleasure of a sex toy without having to store a reusable one.

Customer reviews:


Great value

Best thing about it is it’s cheap and really convenient cos there’s just no mess, I got about ten uses out of mine so it’s quite a lot, the only thing I’d say about them is that I’d prefer more variation in the different textures you can get.


A surprise winner

I actually bought this for my boyf who was away on business in Singapore as a little anniversary joke but he said he wants me to send more now haha! Can’t get enough of them.


Probably replaced women in my life!

The main downside is that now I might just be single forever, what is there to motivate me when these get me off so well haha. I love them, the fact that they come with lube is great in itself because that really adds to the sensation for me.

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