Kink of the Week: Renegade Vibrating Massager

renegade massager banner

No ordinary vibrator…

Now I’ve had the pleasure of playing with of toys from Honour over the last few weeks – but this was the first time I was asked to review an anal vibrator.

The Renegade I was a new concept for me and although I do enjoy anal play it’s never been something I’ve been massively interested in… until now!

renegade massagerDon’t let the shape fool you – it may look like a house phone but it’s the size and style of the vibe which makes it such a wonderful little toy. So I ensured that myself and the toy were fully lubed up and set to see what forms of back-door pleasure this toy was capable of.

Having given it a good once over I could feel it was made of a good platinum grade silicone as the surface was nice and smooth. Now from what I read on the web the vibe is specifically ‘anatomically designed’ to slide into all your erogenous zones perfectly and with ease… which it did!

Even though it is predominantly used anally it can be used vaginally and can also tease a second area at the same time with the studded, bulbed end. Plus, the shape is verrenegade massager in boxy flexible and so would fit many a variety of body types. So it took me a while to find my rhythm as I was somewhat anally inexperienced but once I found the right level of intensity it brought me to a rather quick and unexpected climax that I have to say I wasn’t expecting.

When experimenting with anal play in the past it has often taken me a while to get going and if I’m honest I’ve never really orgasmed from it so to do so with this toy was a real treat and gave me a completely different sensation to what I am used to with normal vibrators.

Once you’re all done you can give it a good wash and pop in a safe place – for me this was going straight in the bedside draw…

The Renegade may look scary, but don’t let those spikes and its sinister style deter you. It can be used by anyone… and should be!

Stay Naughty x



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