Honour at Club DVS

Club DVS is the new kid on the fetish block, but with Goddess Cleo at the helm, the night is having no difficulties in establishing itself as an unmissable monthly event.

Honour visited Club DVS this month,; a new fetish event, unique in that they emphasise welcoming fetish first-timers and newbies to the scene. With a different set of workshops each month DVS is pushing a focus on education and safety in a fun, open-minded and non-judgemental atmosphere. Thanks to this approach combined with quieter music and relaxed pub-like setting, DVS is one of the most social regular fetish events we’ve been to, and we made lots of great new friends to prove it!

Our delegate from Honour in the Dancer Latex Dress.

DVS has a more relaxed dress code compared to many other London-based fetish events. As building your dream fetish wardrobe can become expensive, DVS allows for simple all-black outfits, including black jeans (as long as the rest of your outfit shows you have made an effort). Whilst it’s great to get dressed to the nines in latex for fetish events, understandably some people can find it daunting to adhere to a strict fetish dress code if they are new to the scene. (If you are looking for some beginners fetish clothes, why not take a look at our clearance section, or consider an outfit in moulded latex or PVC.)

The workshops for August consisted of an introduction to boot worship, and a beginners rope-tying session. The workshops straddle the perfect balance between genuinely informative and fun, with no-one made to feel that they have too little (or too much!) experience to join in. DVS also have helpful House Dominants on hand to demonstrate a variety of BDSM skills such as rigging, or how to keep electro play safe and fun with the help of a vintage violet wand! Workshops are set to be a consistent feature of Club DVS, so be sure to keep an eye out on the website for any you might be interested in.

Electro sex meets foot play!

The night is held at The Flying Dutchman in London (SE5) – a great venue in part thanks to its basement level, which gives the ideal location for DVS’ play-oriented areas. Spanking benches against a backdrop of fairy lights face an intimate viewing area, leading onto a boudoir-themed area for couples and anyone looking to share a quieter moment.

DVS’ next event is to be held on 2nd September, kicking off at 9:30pm with two workshops scheduled throughout the night: Fabulous Flogging with DVS House Dom Max Long, and The Art of Aftercare with House Dom Master Dominic. There will also be a £100 Honour gift card awarded to one lucky attendee!

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