My Girlfriend Has Gone off Sex!

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Hi Agony Aunt,

I've got a fantasy of my lady dominating me, and would love to have her use a strap-on on me. The problem is, I'm worried to ask her for this because she seems to have gone off sex and I don't want to push her away even more! Should I ask her if I can go to a Pro Domme or an escort, or just put these thoughts to the back of my mind?

From Y


Hi Y,

First things first, I think you need to talk to your girlfriend. Find out why she's gone off sex, and conquer that first! If you take care of her needs, and find out what's troubling her – she's more likely to listen to what you want.

Depending on the outcome of that little chat, here's the next step. Grab a beginners strap on set, one that isn't too intimidating for you or her – and have a read of our Intro to BDSM guide to Strap On's. If the result of your chat isn't too great, then use your judgement to decide if talking about Pro Dommes and escorts is appropriate. This can be a very touchy subject for many people, and could have repercussions on your relationship as a whole.

I think, the best thing for you to do in this situation is to work on your relationship first. Find out what’s going on, rebuild the trust between you, and see where you can go from there. Remember, we all have needs and desires, but it takes two to tango!

Good luck,

Agony Aunt

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