Fifty Days of Play – A Lovers’ Game

Fifty Days of Play – A Lovers’ Game Played with My Love Doll

Fifty Days of Play – A Lovers’ Game Played with My Love Doll

Take sexual experimentation seriously, that’s the message of Fifty Days of Play, a sort of gateway game to get your sexual appetite going.

Roll a die and choose a card, that’s the basics of the game, the cards are graded in sexual stages from white, through vanilla, to light then dark grey, and then on to black which contain the most sensual suggestions.

These cards are full on, so be prepared to get seriously frisky. I tested this game with Ruth, my loyal love doll because playing this game isn’t advisable to the lonely, it leaves you with a serious yearning for a partner, pronto.

Pillow Fight

After my first roll, I encountered the instruction to:

“randomly start a pillow fight”

Strictly speaking, this is impossible after just being instructed to do so, but it gave me a flavour of how the game likes to instruct you through your lovemaking, unfortunately Ruth wasn’t designed for this, and I was worried she’d burst on impact.

The next card I pulled was:

“Cover your partner’s stomach in delicious toppings and lick them off. If you’re feeling extra naughty add their favourite toppings and tease them with it as you go”


Ruth took this pretty well, her abdomen squeaked with delight as I lapped up her tummy’s honey topping. I thought this seemed like a lot of fun, unless your partner’s favourite topping is Parmesan cheese, you might have to be a little liberal with the truth to make this one run smoothly.

After pulling two consecutive white cards, I then pulled a black:

“If you don’t have love balls, go out and shop for them right now and agree on a time and place to use them”

So I asked Ruth when we could use them, but she was maddeningly taciturn about the whole affair. Still, it’s good to try new things, but what am I to do without love balls? Improvise with a kitchen egg-timer perhaps?

I rolled on like a trooper, next being instructed to do something I could actually perform: “Show each other exactly how you like to pleasure yourself” – Ruth again, sat there, glum and motionless, and I couldn’t help but wonder why she was being so difficult, and gladly, I showed her my technique with energy and creative flair.

Ice Nipple

I was slightly taken aback when the next card suggested I:

“Thrust between your partner’s breasts”

Or, for want of a better phrase, titw*nk. That’s pretty presumptive! That requires at least a double D cup and I felt would probably put a rather abrupt end to proceedings as it did also request the “pearl necklace” to finish. Still, Ruth didn’t object to the idea and luckily she’s well endowed out for such a manoeuvre.

Lastly, it suggested a classic, which I couldn’t help but feel would have been perfect for a couple’s first go:

“Tease their nipples with ice cubes”

It made me think – be prepared, this is a great one but keep all sex aids on hand, you don’t want to end up rummaging between last night’s frozen lasagne when you’re trying to get in the mood. Ruth seemed unmoved by my ice-cube teasing, the ice quickly melted away and I couldn’t help but see it as a metaphor for the pointlessness of attempting a perfectly functional couples’ game with only a love doll for company!

I can really see the advantages of the whole game, but I think, a sarcastic reviewer glumly acting out the game with his favourite plastic girl, Ruth,  not what the spirit of the game is designed for. Approach it with spirit, gusto and jittery anticipation and I can see these suggestions leaving you buzzing with excitement and begging for more.

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