Fifty Days of Play – Game Review

Fifty Days of Play Game Review roleplay

James’s review of the game Fifty Days of Play, he played with his partner Annie and talks us through how to enjoy it best as a couple.

Fifty Days of Play roleplay

The game split into its five colour categories. The different colours correspond to excitement levels.

There’s no feeling quite like a board game, in this line of work we’re used to the comforting waft of latex and the scent of freshly-bought leather. But that new board game smell took us a little aback as it reminded us of childhood playtime, but this one takes the game “Frustration” to whole new heights.

Firstly, this roleplay game is perfect for curious couples, that’s a given, if you and a partner are genuinely interested, make sure you commit to the game, keep giggles to a minimum and come prepared.

How to Prepare

You’ll have call for sex toys, ice cubes, rope, a bed, food and more so make sure you set up your playground to really commit to getting stuck in. And for extra measure, get dressed up, do your hair, get your pulling pants on, set the mood and pucker up for a hands-on game.

The Rules

The premise is simple, there are five colours of cards with increasingly intense suggestions on them according to their colour, grading from cheeky white up to erotic black. The die has six sides (obviously) all of which are coloured to match the cards as well as a pink side. You simply pick a card colour corresponding to the die, or when you roll a pink, you get to choose your own card colour.

Roll One

So we got rolling, our first roll was a pink, so we thought we’d take it easy with a vanilla coloured card, instructing us with this: “When you make love, start slowly and silently, and then speed up the rhythm only by clicking your fingers” it was a great start but where do you go from here?! We had to resist moving on with the game too fast but with that as an opener, we were flushed, excited and eager for more.

Roll Two

We rolled a dark grey: “place pegs on your partner’s nipples” this was my roll, so I pinned Annie’s nipples and she did give out a little squeak, make sure you work together on these ones and always be mindful that your partner might not enjoy every suggestion.

Roll Three
Fifty Days of Play game roleplay

The contents ordered neatly into categories with the dice on pink, ready for you to choose!

Next up was a light grey card, as we unfolded it we remarked on how fiddly they were to unfold and read, especially in the heat of the moment. We soldiered onto this instruction: “alternate your mouth skills with a gentle tap across her whole area” we were surprised that the game offers genuine sex tips, and hoped that gay guys could innovate a little with this one. This could be great for couples a little embarrassed about trying out new techniques, it gives you a reason to get that move into the repertoire.

Roll Four

We rolled pink again, this time itching to see what the black cards had to offer. It got heavy, straight into pure submission and domination play: “Blindfold and put earphones on your partner, sit them in the submissive pose, naked, kneeling back on their heels with their palms facing upwards” this is a great introduction to BDSM, while no pain is inflicted it still encapsulates the essence of the dom/sub fantasy. Newbies, keep the music sexy and familiar, be gentle but do something out of the ordinary to whisk yourselves away to a new world!


The game rolled on, with the white cards offering kissing games and sweet pillow fights which made a great interlude between the full sexual exploits of the dark grey cards and the erotic fantasies of the black, this game left little to be desired in the ideas department.

For Veterans

Domination and submission veterans may not get the same thrill of novelty in the acts, but the game itself is fun to play, to go through to motions just waiting for those black cards to surface and indulge your fantasies.

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