Feel Good in Body AND Soul

Sex toys are designed to make you feel good, but you can feel even better when the money made from them goes to a good cause. The Inspire range of women's’ sex toys was created with Living Beyond Breast Cancer, which provides support, programs, and services for those whose lives have been impacted by the devastating illness.

The toys firmly have women in mind, as they help with vaginal dilation, pelvic floor strength, and intimate sensitivity - all in gorgeous shades of pink.

Flip through the pages of Cosmo and you’ll read about the importance of kegels - what does that even mean? Kegels are an exercise which strengthens your pelvic floor muscles - and you can do them by “flexing” your vaginal muscles - see, you’re probably trying to do it right now! If that’s proving tough, this is where the kegel training toys come in handy, they’re weighted so you have to get squeezing to hold it in! The exercises can enhance pleasure, and who doesn’t want that!?

The set of 5 dilators are perfect for anyone who feels discomfort during internal play, help to train and strengthen the vagina, and go up from the size of a pinky finger to a well endowed penis! This is also great for women who are recovering from radiation treatment, gynecological surgery, or male to female post op dilation! Designed for maximum comfort, with hypoallergenic silicone, these can help you build the confidence you need.

The flickering and pulsating arousers have been specially designed to enhance sensitivity, and get women back in touch with their intimate areas. 10 functions ensure that you’ll find a setting that tickles your fancy (literally!).

With proceeds going to Living Beyond Breast Cancer, it is important to remember than if you feel any lumps and bumps, pain, notice discolouration or change in any of you or your partner's body parts - get to the Doctor straight away - it's always better to be safe than sorry.

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