Channel 4 Gets Naked!

Channel 4 have once again shocked viewers with their new take on Blind Date – Naked Attraction. Contestants have to pick a partner not based on their smile, their personality, but on their naked body! Talk about a "SURPRISE SURPRISE". Within minutes horrified viewers took to the internet to talk about the show, with #NakedAttraction still trending on Twitter this morning.

channel 4 born naked attraction tv show

There is a slight scientific basis behind the concept, as well as an excuse to check out some genitals without having to descend to the depths of the internet, apparently the more attractive you find someones nether region, the more compatible you are (and more likely to have healthy offspring, but that's hardly a subject for the first date).

channel 4 naked attraction

It also works on the idea that the naked body is a person in their “purest” form, without the charade of fancy clothes - to quote the brilliant Ru Paul “We're all born naked and the rest is drag!”. However, us at Honour don't think the best way to get a date is to walk around with your wang/ladyarea/etc out (and we don't want you getting arrested), we'd much rather recommend some sexy lingerie or latex to get the imagination going.

Could this spark a new trend in the ever evolving dating scene? First we had speed dating, then scent dating, so how about NAKEY dating? Whats your thoughts on this? Have Channel 4 finally gone too far? Let us know in the comments, or hit us up on social media @HonourClothing.

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