Agony Aunt – How Can I Wear Latex Every Day?

agony aunt latex every day

Dear Agony Aunt,

I love wearing latex clothes – I just wish I could wear it in public without feeling awkward. I don't know how to put outfits together without looking too much like I'm going to a fetish club, or am overdressed. I'm a straight male and I really want to be able to wear my latex every day!



Hi H,

You're not alone in your passion for latex! Club nights like Rubber Cult and Club Rub are perfect for you to get your confidence up in wearing latex in public, because everyone else is too!

In regards to incorporating latex into your everyday clothing, the best advice is to be yourself! If it makes you happy to wear something, go for it! There is nothing more empowering than knowing you look good for YOU.

The best way to wear latex in an everyday context is to team it with simple items of “regular” clothing – try black latex trousers with a simple black tshirt. Alternatively team a latex shirt with some jeans.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident – and who knows, with latex becoming commonplace in celebrity fashion, you could become a trend trailblazer!

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