Agony Aunt – PVC v Latex?

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Hi Agony Aunt,

I'm looking to buy my first sexy dress from Honour, but I'm not sure whether to get PVC or Latex? I don't really know what the difference is, and what size to get? I'm going to my first fetish club soon and want to look good!

Thanks, G.

Hi G,

Great to here you're going to your first fetish club - I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time! 

First of all, PVC is manmade, and latex is natural. PVC is a plastic material, and is usually backed with cloth - think of wipe clean tablecloths (not so attractive I know!). Latex is rubber, like a balloon!

PVC is much easier to put on and wear than latex, however it does come up quite small due to it having zero stretch. If you're inbetween sizes, go for the larger one to make sure there's no fitting issues!

Latex requires shining, and more often than not, the help of dressing aid to actually put on the clothes. It does have some stretch, and is great for holding in any lumps and bumps, so if inbetween sizes, you can go smaller!

With fetish clothing, it's all about what makes you feel comfortable, confident, and sexy - take a look at our wide range of dresses in black, red, pink, purple, and any other colour you can imagine!

Best of luck, and I hope to see some photos of you looking gorgeous on your night out!

Agony Aunt x


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