Agony Aunt – How Do I Tell People I’m Androgynous?


Dear Agony Aunt,
I’ve always had a PVC Sissy Fetish but the last 2 years I have been thinking I might be trans. Now I think I’m probably just a bit androgynous (and still have a PVC fetish) but I’m scared to come out.
A. Because I’m not certain who I am just know that I’m not normal gendered or straight.
B. Because I live on a tiny island where everyone knows everyone.
I look forward to your advise because I worry about it every day and it’s starting to negatively effect my relationship with my very understanding girlfriend.
Kind Regards.


This week, I employed the knowledge of my good friend and fellow Honour blogger, Lady Latex.

Dear D
You have all my sympathies for your situation. It must be very tough living in a small community and feeling that you are unable to be who truly want to be.
Although there’s not much I can do about the small-mindedness of others, I do want to reassure you that your feelings are very normal! Gender is a very fluid thing, but unfortunately society tries to label us, and it also tries to make those labels stick for life. In fact, our genders morph and change over time, and it’s perfectly OK – despite being a bit unsettling – to find oneself ‘somewhere in-between’.
I’d encourage you to revel in that – it’s a potentially exciting experience, and can be very positive. Don’t feel that you must rush yourself into being one thing or the other, and just allow things to take their time. We’re so used to immediacy these days, and our bodies still haven’t caught up with the swiftness of modern life!
My suspicions are that you are not fully trans, but like many sissies – and I’m delighted to see you are a PVC sissy, my fave! – you dress as the type of unobtainable woman you fancy. Over time, and with repeated dressing, that sissification becomes fetishised and sexualised, and it’s during that process that many start to experiment with their sexuality as they adopt the sissy persona. Again, this is quite normal, very common, and great fun!
If your girlfriend really is very understanding, then I strongly advise you to share your feelings. A problem shared really is a problem halved, and what better than an evening both spent in fabulous PVC feminine outfits? I couldn’t imagine anything better!


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