Agony Aunt – What’s My Womens Clothes Size?

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Dear Agony Aunt,

I'm a man that likes to wear womens clothing but I struggle to work out what size I am! All this 10, 12, 14 stuff is nonsense to me! Please help?

From A


Hi A,

Oh no! It's often difficult enough for women to find clothes their size, so I can imagine how hard it must be for you!

I always say the best way to go about things is to take your measurements, do it the old fashioned way. You need to get 3 measurements - 

Bust (Under your nipples!)

Waist (Where you go in slightly)

Hips (Where your pelvis is widest)

Find out what these are in inches, then take a look at a size guide - bare in mind, every store sizes things differently so make sure to always check! Sizes often differ with material too, depending on how much stretch there is.

Womens clothes are generally cut smallest at the waist, so match up your waist size and go from there. 

For example, using our size guide for latex, if you have a 30 inch waist, you will be a womens size 16, or XL.


I hope this helps you through the confusing world of womens clothes!

Best of luck


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