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Red, Cherries, Sophistication, Feminine, Red! There is nothing not to love about Cherry Belle! Sophisticated fashion has taking a truly saucy turn. This is latex clothing for the stylish, quirky, sophisticated woman who’s looking to turn the heat up a bit!

CHERRY BELLE 5Vintage has long been lingering in our wardrobes, on shop railings, on catwalks and other such cool places. It has, however, always a dullness that is necessary for the vintage look, but is getting a little tiresome. What Honour have done, is taken vintage and made it sexy and vibrant, and a little less ‘Victorian’. It is a revelation. Cherries on a lighter background take the form of isolated patchwork with the colour red featuring prominently on each item. It is a range made for mixing and matching and one that stands out uniquely in any latex category,

Where latex normally provides a tougher image of sex and the fetish scene, Cherry Belle is CHERRY BELLE 2
feminine and flirty with a fiery twist. It is sophistication in a temptress form and provides a confidence boost when you’re dressed. The 1950’s did a lot for fashion and style. But 2013 has seen the creative combining of old vs. new for style that is traditionally stylish but as sexy as it gets. Reaching the extreme end of each spectrum, this is a rare combo that no woman’s wardrobe is complete without.

High waist shorts, high waist suspenders, tops, bras, pencil skirts, tight dresses, frill dresses, underwear, all in red and cherry print latex; it is a cherry themed revolution. Unique, authentic, and of the highest quality, hand crafted by a top fetish designer, only lovers of luxury need browse!

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